friday five

.5   leaving for cherry grove beach weekend with the girls in approximately two hours + i am beside myself with excitement. five glorious days of fun in the sun, endless drinks + uninterrupted time with a few of my favorites.

.4   say a little prayer for us, because shit might gonna get crazy. [bye, felicia!] 

.3   how is it already labor day weekend? for real. this summer has flown by, but looking back it’s been one for the record books. from beach trips to pool days, fish fries to sailing trips. i guess fall can come, with it’s pumpkin-flavored goodness — but not for at least another month.

.2   after a flurry of guy activity over the past few weeks, things have slowed down a bit, which is fine with me. i’ve been able to get back in the gym every night for classes + get back to my normal early morning running schedule. happy about that, to be sure.

.1   as funny as it sounds, i look forward to watching abc’s bachelor in paradise with rhyan each week. we laugh, we discuss, and we shake our heads at the crazy antics together. it’s awesome hearing his take/opinion on things, from a 13 year old boy’s perspective. good stuff, lemme tell ya.