this weekend

was for an impromptu girls night with leah + friends, complete with meeting a fellow tumblrour minds being blown by an incredible magician friend, and lamps/leah/myself realizing we were all wearing the necklaces leah gifted us with. was up early and snapped a picture-perfect shot of the raleigh water tower before swapping the gym for my bed. spent saturday afternoon at the pool with my bff + our friend melissa, and relived our beach memories with the perfect shot glass souvenirs she got us. woke up sunday morning with the worst headache i’ve ever had, every time i moved i got nauseous + threw up. all i could do was lay on the floor and try to stay still, the last time i threw up i cried because i was terrified that i couldn’t keep water/gatorade/food down + it was almost 4pm. when i finally fell asleep, i woke up without the migraine — thank god. i’ve never had a migraine before, and i pray that i never have another one. i was finally able to get up + get rhyan from his dad’s, eat dinner, and were both in bed early since he had his first day of school today. eighth grade! can you tell how excited he was for me to take his picture this morning?