friday five

.5   another week gone by, another week of having stronger feelings for this sweet guy of mine. i am so very happy + so very scared at the same time, for feeling so much for someone so quickly. 

.4   the [number one ranked] florida state seminoles come to raleigh tomorrow, and while i have no doubt nc state will have their asses handed to them, i’m fully prepared to throw down with friends at the tailgate. 

.3   this dreary week, with it’s cool + rainy conditions has made me so excited about fall. i’ve wore sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and i’ve obviously loved every minute — but i’m happy the sun comes back tomorrow. 

.2   spent the evening catching up with a good friend over margaritas + fajitas last night, and it was exactly what both of us needed. lots of boy talk, life talk, and shaking our heads at the antics of others.

.1   rhyan has definitely hit that point where he has nothing more than a few words to say to me at any given time. he’s just an all around grump most days + it’s kinda hard to handle. hoping he passes this phase quickly, because i miss my normally sweet/talkative boy.