this weekend

was for friday night watermelon + pineapple margaritas at el rodeo with marta and rhyan, moseying around morgan imports for an hour afterwards. an early saturday morning workout + spotting a cicada coming out of its shell on my tire. selfies for snapschat with my crazy kiddo. cold-brewed coffee, teaching rhyan how to make pancakes + blt’s for dinner. a very happy birthday party for rob on sunday at the goat, with some of my favorite people — resulting in a later than normal bedtime, but so worth it for sunday funday. a solid weekend, indeed.

friday five

.5   i couldn’t be happier about an entire weekend with no plans other than hangin’ with my kiddo. there will be pizza ordered, redbox movies rented, and [more than likely] lots of time spent at the skate park. bring it on!

.4   had a couple tinder dates this week, including a second date last night where we went for a run around the unc campus. i’m trying a new dating tactic, where i come across as nonchalant/busy/not really caring + i think it’s working. if guys want a chase, i’ll give it to ‘em. let the games begin!

.3   i haven’t been home long enough to do laundry or clean up the house this week, let alone go to the grocery store. last night i scarfed down some graham crackers with peanut butter for dinner, followed by a hot dog. yolo!

.2   the nc state football season kicks off in two short weeks, and i’m beside myself with excitement for all things tailgate/football-related. go pack!

.1   with football comes fall, and while this summer has been filled with fun, i’m totally ready for cooler temps + long sleeve shirts. that is, after our cherry grove beach girls trip at the end of the month. shenanigans!