this weekend

was for getting in a quick run in when we got to the river, followed by dinner + several rounds of banangrams with cold [local] beer on the side. bobbi and i were up early to check out the plant sale, and hauled in a bunch of great stuff for half price. marta arrived in time for breakfast, and the majority of saturday was spent lazing around, enjoying the beautiful weather + checking out the latest flowers in bloom. dad gave us the rundown on how golf works while watching the masters that afternoon. sunday morning i woke up with the raleigh marathon/half marathon runners on my mind + went out for a light run of my own. [still stunned/saddened over news of two deaths during the event] it’s so quiet + peaceful on the river, so nice to just unplug and be surrounded by the sights/sounds of nature. we hung out until lunchtime, and were home with plenty of time to satisfy my craving for a goodberry’s turtle sundae. stopped by lowe’s for a few things, and rhyan picked out his first little succulent that he potted + cared for when we got home. he requested spaghetti + homemade meatballs for dinner, and damn if they didn’t turn out fine! [and without a recipe, mind you] mine was piled atop a toasted slice of fresh rosemary/garlic bread + man, did it hit the spot. we went for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner, spotting some gorgeous tulips + realizing we were [literally] covered in pollen and inch worms when we got home.

such a great weekend with family, just what i needed to recharge.

friday five

.5  my neighbor brought me over 1/2 a watermelon + it tasted just like summer.

.4  rhyan + i are spending this weekend in burgaw with the ‘rents, haven’t seen them since christmas since they spent all winter [living it up] in florida. super excited to see them + go to a huge plant sale with bobbi in the morning.

.3  can’t tell you how nice it is to have my allergies under control, but rhyan’s have started acting up so a trip to the pharmacy for more claritin-d is in order.

.2  i just had to end a call at work with “i don’t appreciate you putting words in my mouth + i will not be spoken to that way” and hung up. it takes a lot to rattle me, but i’m literally shaking. i don’t understand why people put their energy into being hateful over just being nice + having a little respect for others.

.1  and now i need a stiff drink. [tgif]

  • rhyan: hey mom, notice anything different in the shower?!
  • me: actually, i did!! everything was switched around!?!
  • rhyan: i was waiting for you to say something, but you didn't.
  • me: well i freaked out at first, because i thought someone had been in our house. then i thought i was just going crazy. then i thought you might have done it, but not on purpose.
  • rhyan: yeah, it was a prank i wanted to try out on you.
  • me: well, you definitely got me!

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tag, you’re it.

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1. what is your go-to, foolproof meal to cook? roasted split chicken breast, with garlic red-skin mashed potatoes + some buttery lima beans. 

2. what was the most embarrassing thing that happen to you? having a hard time thinking of anything, so i’ll go with the time i was standing in the self-checkout line at harris teeter + without thinking let out the biggest burp ever. everyone around definitely heard it. whoops!

3. chocolate, vanilla, or swirl soft serve?  swirl, always swirl.

4. what’s your go to stress eating snack? a milkshake. 

5. biggest regret? being so damn naive when i was younger.

6. dream job if pay and education not a factor? pastry chef. 

7. favorite polish color? revlon #006 sheer pink

8. favorite store you shop at? definitely gap. or j.crew sales.

9. fruit, veggies, or meat for the rest if your life? veggies, i guess.

10. dream vacation? anywhere tropical, just give me sun + sand. 

11. favorite movie? impossible to pick one, so i’ll name my top three: nacho libre, anchorman, napoleon dynamite.  

i’m not tagging anyone or writing eleven new questions, and i only filled this thing out because the lovely raleighwoodrockstar tagged me.

this past weekend was for a drive to charleston to run infamous cooper river bridge run. our friend suzie + i met up with marta + emma friday afternoon, where we dove into cold beers before moseying over to the race expo for our packets + swag. we were up and at ‘em early saturday morning, along with 40,000 others. i’ve never ran such a large race, and their 37 years of hosting showed. it was very well organized + everything went smoothly. the race route took you 2 miles to the bridge, 1 mile [climbing] up the bridge, 1 mile coming down the bridge, then the remaining 2.2 miles through town. it’s a beautiful route, to be sure. i finished in a time i was [very] happy with + we celebrated with a feast at yobo cantina. it was such a nice day outside, so we decided to settle in at a popular waterfront spot near our hotel for the remainder of the afternoon. after a late dinner + checking out a couple local bars, we called it a night and slept like babies. sunday we were up early for breakfast + starbucks before the long drive home, with me donning the shirt i found at the expo.