a first

i have a date with a [very tall & very] cute guy this evening,

he’s got blue eyes & blond hair, and a personality to boot.

he suggested grabbing coffee and going for a hike …

which is a first for a first date. [i’m excited!]

but what the heck do i wear?!

  1. autumnlavelle said: How did it go?! :)
  2. britface said: Wear anything you’re going to be comfortable in, especially if you’re going to be walking. I’d probably go for yoga pants, a basic tee (or long sleeve tee, depending on how warm it is) and my favourite pair of chuck taylors.
  3. findthebrightside said: I love this date idea! I agree with maryanne. Keep it simple, you’re going to look ridiculously adorable regardless. Have fun!
  4. deathbycupcakes said: a hike? awesome! don’t go fancy (duh) - i’d do khaki shorts, a tshirt, and a pullover. or running shorts. sneakers or hiking shoes. actually, you’re way more athletic than me, so why am i giving you advice?! you’ll do great. sounds so fun!
  5. note-2self said: maybe wear dif shoes since you will be hiking. Anyways you get the idea… good luck and have fun.
  6. cupofchi said: Comfy shoes (depending on how much it’s a hike vs a nature walk)
  7. shimmyrock said: Good luck! Sounds great.
  8. whatyousaybabyk said: some cute yoga pants!
  9. maryanne said: Pull your hair back, wear just a touch of makeup - not too much since you’re exercising. Wear comfortable workout gear and maybe bring a long sleeved t-shirt. Be natural and be you!
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