our fourth date

is set for tomorrow night,

we hadn’t talked about details until i received this text:

you ready for a friday night adventure with the *wildman?! i have a supremely unique adventure planned for us! i’ll call you later with the details … it’s nothing crazy, i think we’ll have a great time though.

*we both share a love for animal planet’s call of the wildman show & quote it often, hence the wildman reference.

is he in my head? or reading a how-to-do-things-right dating book?

adventures? surprises? planning everything? yes.

i think i might keep him.

  1. cupofchi said: Now that you’ve started a dating blog, you’ll be getting a serious boyfriend. Of course. :)
  2. jackiebarnes said: Smiling for you :)
  3. searchingperfection said: yayyy so happy for you!
  4. katieish said: Whoop! He definitely sounds like a keeper. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!
  5. deathbycupcakes said: yay! so happy he’s making you happy.
  6. georgiegirlnyc said: This guy is good!!