the surprise date

so he picked me up around seven & asked if i was okay with a 2 hour drive to charlotte. adventure awaits! so of course i said yes, let’s go!

he brought freshly made pizza [in case i was hungry, since we were eating after the show] and a big travel mug of his famous french press coffee. [because we’re both coffee snobs & caffeine is our friend]

we talked the entire way to the queen city, and his surprise was going to see rachel feinstein at the comedy zone. [we had talked about our love for comedy on a previous date] we grabbed beers before the show, and ended up laughing until our cheeks hurt.

he drove us home & we stopped at the waffle house for a bite to eat since it was late and the only thing open. talk about keepin’ it classy! so cute & so damn good.

the night was as perfect as it gets.

and while i can’t share all the details, i will say … he continues to charm me with his thoughtfulness, his sense of humor, and his genuine interest in getting to know me — and i’m enjoying every single minute of it!

  1. justjules said: So happy for you. You absolutely deserve it!
  2. sorrybutitstrue said: yay. yay. yay. :)
  3. gypsyred said: THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!
  4. haleystumble said: Thats my girl!!!
  5. brookesnooks said: so happy for you!!!
  6. lifebyliz said: Awww I really like him! Can’t wait to hear about date #5