the lowkey date

life’s been busy for both of us as of late, we haven’t crossed paths since the comedy club date. we were both exhausted from a long m-ugh-nday [his word] but had a free night last night and wanted to see each other.

so he arrived at my door with a six pack of beer and a mexican casserole bake he had thrown together. [yes, the man cooks!]

we watched monday night football, ate casserole, drank a few beers, and caught up on life while snuggled up on the couch.

it ended up being a nailbiter of a game and we stayed up way past our bedtime, which neither of us minded too much.

he just sent this text:

tired, but happy!

we’re seeing each other again on friday, and he made a comment about planning something fun — to which i said, no pressure! seriously.

this guy continues to make me smile with his thoughtfulness!

  1. britface said: Super cute!
  2. agirlaguyandababy said: So happy to hear this! We all deserve nice people in our lives & it sounds like you have found one :)
  3. emswonderings said: YAY!!!
  4. emilyatthejs said: you’re going to lose count of dates soon! That’s a good thing!