favorite breakfast/brunch tailgate recipe?

and go!

  1. sorrybutitstrue answered: You can do those sausage balls as breakfast cupcakes. Just pour the mix into cupcake foils, and you can use bisquick to make it easier!
  2. twohippiechic said: Breakfast quesadillas! You can make them on the grill.
  3. raleighwoodrockstar answered: Pop bottle of champagne. Pour into flute (fuck that, solo cup). Follow with teeny splash of OJ. Voila! Best thing you’ll eat all day!
  4. petermcallisterthefaaather answered: HAM ROLLS
  5. lovelayneb answered: Sausage/cheese biscuit bites. Use biscuit mix & follow directions on canister. Add ground sausage & shredded cheese. Form into balls and bake
  6. abnormallyyours answered: Mmmmm blueberry muffins with delicious streusel on top! Or Bojangles… obv.
  7. smallnmighty answered: Mix sausage (pork, chicken, spicy, whatever) with light cream cheese and bake into the center of crescent rolls. Delish & good hot or cold!
  8. kelli-bo-belly said: These are simple and good warm or cold. m.myrecipes.com/details…
  9. happyhumanscribblings answered: mexican dip, skinny taste has a good one you’d never know was “skinny” - skinnytaste.com/2010/07…
  10. ellegolightly answered: These are delicious, easy, and good at room temp: iowagirleats.com/2012/02…
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