i keep thinking

about all the parents who lost a child today — parents who, just like me, have christmas presents tucked & hidden away in all parts of the house.

moms & dads who no longer have a child to give those gifts to.

with christmas just ten days away, i keep thinking about how christmas goes on without your child. how the holiday season will always be marred with tragedy, how christmas will never be the same for those parents & their families.

and i can’t help but wonder, how does one goes on … how?

  1. britface said: I don’t even have children, but I just can’t fathom how these children’s parents must feel. Heartbreaking.
  2. heelsandhardhat said: After watching my sister go through motherhood I CANNOT IMAGINE what these parents are going through
  3. thosepaisleydays said: Im thinking the same things you are. What if someone walked in to my boys schools today and this happened? I dont think I could physically survive losing them…especially in such a horrific way.
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