in its first big policy shift since facebook bought the photo-sharing site, instagram claims the right to sell users’ photos without payment or notification.

oh, and there’s no way to opt out. [article via cnet]

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    I read about this earlier & kinda shrugged it off. I guess I would be upset if say, Petco stole all my fabulous photos...
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    There’s a chance I could be getting an Itouch next year… I’ve been wanting to be able to use Instagram for such a long...
  5. garycope said: The only way to opt out is to delete your account. Though, I did read that any “public” photos are fair game. I would assume that if your account is in private mode, they can’t use them. Will need to verify.
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    Would you care at all if they so choose to use the photo of you and Matt on the beach chair for a condom ad? How about...
  7. colormecozy said: unless you delete your account before Jan. 16, which sadly, I am considering. I may delete and start fresh, and only post specific things, ya know? terrible news!
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    It’s not like I pay for Instagram so I care NOT AT ALL. Plus if you want blurry pictures of my shoes and food, I also...
  10. canttuchthis said: omg… SO tempted to quit facebook… but now instagram?!
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