this weekend was for

a tough friday night workout followed by a trip to the store, homemade tacos + watching hotel transylvania with rhyan.

my saturday morning group workout came entirely too early and left me triumphant + exhausted, in need of an afternoon spent catching up on the ‘ol dvr list [omg downton abbey!!!] while curled up on the couch.

we didn’t leave the house until rhyan’s 7pm basketball game, which they lost at the buzzer. it was a big time bummer, but we recovered with brownies + ice cream and renting frankenweenie.

it was so nice to just lay in bed sunday, with no place to be but there. waffles + coffee were a must, as was a thorough house cleaning and laundry. we strolled over to the park, played some basketball + i jammed to andrew bird on my quick + [very] muddy trail run.

rhy had a superbowl/birthday party to attend with his dad, so i went over to my guy’s for his superbowl gathering. it was my first time meeting his friends, which to me was a big step for ‘us’. [and one i was thrilled about!] after too much food + a few too many beers, many laughs + an awesome football game, we said goodnight to his guests and crawled into bed grumbling about how late it was.

needless to say, our monday morning came early but began with big smiles + goofing off before a big kiss goodbye. and i swear, i don’t think this feeling could ever get old … here’s to the week ahead, let’s do it!

  1. katiebellbananas said: I enjoyed hotel transylvania! Wreck it ralph comes out feb 12th!
  2. skinnies-and-stripes said: I love reading about the time you spend with your guy(s), you two sound so adorable!
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