after running across this post a few weeks ago, i sent my dad an email with the link … asking if it was something he could make for me.

[he’s an amazing woodworker & has recently gotten back into it]

yesterday i received an email from him & bobbi, with the picture [on the right] attached. they went above and beyond anything i could have asked for or bought on etsy. i am beside myself with excitement!

and the fact that he made the box and she made the cards is so very special, this is something i’ll cherish for many years to come forever.

  1. littlemiss-melly said: oh i LOVE that!!!!! sean was much to lazy to DI(himself)!! i just love that it’s so personal from your dad, love it!!!
  2. betterthanihopedfor said: I love it and the sentiment!
  3. thatgirlisstacked said: how awesome!!
  4. aballofsunshine said: That box is beautiful!!!!
  5. hungryheel said: This is awesome!
  6. meesharose said: beautiful! my dad does woodworking too :)