this weekend was for

mexican food with my guy & emma when she got in from wilmington. we also might have brought him along for a trip to target for last-minute accessories for our race — poor guy.

saturday morning required a trip to dunkin’ donuts before the mud run [way out] in sanford. the event was well-organized, the course wasn’t crowded at all, and the weather could not have been more perfect. we finished in 38:38, which is totally acceptable considering the obstacles and mud! emma was a rockstar and totally kicked ass on her first-ever mud run, so proud of her and how far she’s come with getting in shape this past year.

after showering we met friends and rhyan for lunch at the nickel in downtown hillsborough, where i had my first BLT of the season. [so damn good] after wandering around for a bit, we found the perfect spot for a much needed nap & some reading in the grass.

i met up with nadia and leah for fitz and the tantrums at haw river ballroom, what an incredible venue and an amazing show. their opening act [hunter hunted] blew my socks off, and i loved the fact the venue had countless local beer on tap. such a fun night.

sunday was just what sunday’s should be: lazy. time in the sun, time with rhyan on the basketball court, and my guy even dropped by on his way back from visiting his family in greensboro. i cooked sunday dinner [man-pleasing chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans + mushrooms] for the boys and we watched a movie & ate popsicles.

it was the perfect ending to a perfect spring weekend.

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