back on track

since my coming to jesus talk after easter, i’ve been

drinking lots of water [1+ gallon] every day

getting my workouts/runs back in order

eating all the healthy food i can get

not giving into the candy cravings

or the endless beer cravings.

last night i met some girlfriends for dinner at dos taquitos — and passed on the chips & salsa, drank only one [small] dos equis, and ordered a ridiculously  awesome salad chock full of veggies and grilled steak. [a huge feat for me]

but i’m seeing results.

and when my clothes begin fitting the way they should, i’m reminded of why i live a healthy lifestyle — and the choices i make are that much easier.

  1. abnormallyyours said: the results make it allllll worth it.
  2. happinesshighlights said: you go girl, keep it up! you’re keeping me inspired!
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