this [long] weekend was for

waking up early + working out/running before breakfast. [every day! which is kind of a big deal for us!] countless cups of coffee + long conversations on the porch overlooking the river after breakfast. many jumps/dives off the dock + swims in the river to cool off. homemade meals courtesy of our sweet bobbi + cute belated birthday cakes. afternoons of fishing + mostly just catching eels. many smiles for the camera + snuggles with our niece. cold beers from the cooler + naps taken when necessary. two dozen s’mores consumed + a short lived campfire due to the bugs.

this weekend was full of love + laughter, and ended with all of us wishing we didn’t have to say goodbyes + that we could just stay [together] forever.

  1. gypsyred said: Perfect. Made me smile.
  2. girlfromhkinny said: Sounds amazing!
  3. skinnies-and-stripes said: Which app do you edit your pictures with? They always feel so relaxing and dreamy. Love seeing them!
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