this weekend was for

a whole lot of nothing. i sat around the house waiting + attempting to get my internet connected for the third time friday night, with no luck. was up at seven to have my legs crushed by my trainer, then drove through downtown durham on my way to the nc state tailgate/football game and felt my heart break when i saw protesters out in full force for nc pride. was so happy to see the wolfpack win, but was also so exhausted after the game, all i could do was take a photo of myself in the sunshine, go home + become a sloth on my couch for the rest of the day. sunday morning brought an early long run, and i paid dearly for the workout i did saturday. was [really] pissed at myself for falling short of the distance goal i had set for myself, but my legs just had nothing left. i fixed that with a pumpkin spice coffee + munchkins from dunkin’ donuts after scooping up rhyan from his dad’s. iced my leg and we watched honey, i shrunk the kids and honey, i blew up the baby, napped on the couch, and rallied for a run to king’s red & white for [local] dinner items. and while i’m on the subject, if you live in the area, you’ve gotta check out this gem of a grocery store! not only do they have great prices, they are family-owned + carry countless local items. they are known for having the best + freshest meats around town, because they have do all their own butchering on site. it’s a place where they know you by name, and you just feel good about spending your time + money there. seriously, you should go see ‘em.

this weekend was a pretty lazy weekend, but i sure did need it! 

  1. girlfromhkinny said: I love your weekend recaps!
  2. yallhush said: I know the farmers who own Maple View Farm! They’re so sweet & adorable.
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