yay or nay to this coat?

i ask only because old navy has a sale on one very similar that i tried on last week, but was unsure of whether i could pull it off/if it fit me right.

so help me, tumblr friends!

  1. fflorean reblogged this from graceinplace
  2. maggiemcg said: Yay!
  3. georgiegirlnyc said: I’m waiting for them to bring it back I’m black. I love it.
  4. seemeghanblog said: I ordered the jcrew last year and I guess im too curvy bc it looked terrible on me. :/
  5. southerngirladventures said: I bought the old navy version of this coat and I LOVE IT!
  6. happinesshighlights said: YAY love this style!
  7. deathbycupcakes said: i have the jcrew one in black and love it.
  8. gypsyred said: yay
  9. katiebellbananas said: Yay
  10. cath-tastrophe said: yay
  11. colormenaive said: yay
  12. happinesslists said: YAY! So so cute!
  13. cupofchi said: Meh. If you don’t love it…
  14. the-enc-diaries said: i bought the jcrew one and didnt love it (Returned it). i think it’s super cute on the models, but just didn’t do anything for my body.
  15. icurrentlycovet said: YesyesYES!!
  16. jennay-with-an-i said: I’m not in love, but I think it’s just because how they styled it with the model. It’s a cute coat on the side pick without the hat.
  17. thedailycourtney said: Yay. I love it.
  18. thecitymademe said: YAAAYYYYY
  19. nmattea said: yay to coat, nay to baseball cap with it
  20. champagnetoasts said: think it’s darling- go for it. (and test drive around your house to see if you like before removing the tags)
  21. beneathyourskin said: I guess I’m the minority but I don’t love it. And if you are unsure, you must not love it either!
  22. sorrybutitstrue said: I LOVE it. I don’t like it styled with the bball cap, but I do love the silhouette.
  23. goular said: yay
  24. newlywedbalance said: yay!
  25. thenewlymrsyopp said: Don’t spend the money unless you love it! I have my favorite peacoat from jcrew that has lasted 10 years. But I buy all my trendy coats from old navy. They are decent quality and last 2-3 years.
  26. karijetaime said: i’m with tamsgot based on the picture, but the model is also wearing a baseball hat and flat hair, thus making it look really boring. it may look better on you in person!
  27. indianaminute said: love it! it would look great on you.
  28. wineandglitterplease said: YAY