this girl is getting married on saturday + we’re all heading down to the wilmington area later this afternoon to kick off wedding festivities!

it’s difficult to gather my thoughts + feelings about the fact that my baby sister is tying the knot in just a few days. it’s also impossible to put all the memories we’ve shared + the photos we’ve taken in one post. we’ve been the best of friends for so many years, though we’re ten years apart, and i truly couldn’t ask for a better person to have in my corner no matter what life throws our way. we’ll always be thick as thieves, partners in crime, and the [very] best of sisters.

so here’s to you + your exciting new adventures as mrs. johnson!

  1. partyforone said: These pictures just ooze love! xo
  2. cmconnors said: YAY! Sounds like you are in for a super fun weekend!
  3. thelandofla said: How awesome!
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