turningback asked:

I tried to go back through my dash to find your post about Rhyan's letter to Santa so I could comment, but I gave up at page 11 and decided to write you a little message instead! You have the sweetest boy, Grace and seeing you write all the things about him solidifies how much I would love to have a boy someday! I loved that letter- especially the part about putting extra things in your stocking because you deserve it- possibly the cutest thing I read all day.

You are one incredible Mom who's raising such a sweet boy. Your blog is as delightful as I would expect you and Rhyan to be in real life- thank you for your posts and for sharing with readers like me!

My goodness, your note made my heart soar!

It’s so nice to hear validation from others that I’m doing alright with this whole raising a little boy thing. It’s little moments like his writing that letter to Santa that really show me what a sweet kid he is, and that sweetness just might have something to do with my influence.

Sorry you couldn’t find the Santa post, the direct link to his letter is here. I actually went to Anthro last night and purchased the mug he referenced, just in case he can’t get it on his own. Santa has to deliver, right?!

Thanks again for the kind words, I can only my boy grows to be an upstanding man, who’s sweet to the women in his life, and a somewhat perfect gentleman to those around him.

Here’s to that …

hurry up, weekend.

yes, you heard right.

talk about the weekend from hell. not literally, well. maybe.

it’s a long story, but basically, my mom moved from the newer house my parents built before their divorce, to the old one we grew up in. same property, out on our 60 acres of land in efland, nc.

we had to move all the stuff from the new to the old, plus pack her up in a uhaul because she’s moving to michigan to take care of her mom for a bit. how long, we don’t know.

which is why i say, this weekend was freakin’ hell. all day yesterday and today, moving shit in the hot weather. the sticky, humid, miserable, dog days of summer.

thankfully we had plenty of hands, and our quote of the weekend, ‘HELP ME JESUS!!’, seemed to help out somewhat. it’s just a horrible task to take on at the end of june any time of the year.

after plenty of sweat, few arguments, lots of beers, random food from the fridge/freezer … we got it done, and she’s on her way to michigan.

we’re all exhausted and grumpy, rhyan fell asleep at 6:30 last night and slept until 8:30 this morning! that pretty much sums it up.

and for once i can say, i am so ready for monday morning to hurry up and roll around!